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The boat was an F Service record holder and multiyear National. Biographical: He had just been clocked at about 140 MPH when his boat went airborne. 9, 2011, James Rogers, e-mail communication from site administrator, Apr. Luckily Cole was uninjured! _udn = "none"; Followed by fans lining the banks of Lake Crook to witness a day of hard-fought eliminations until the winners were crowned. The mother of all drag boat races is coming to Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park! It seems that he may have made the decision to run that day at Tahoe against the advice of his crew and pressure to please sponsors and media in attendance. top of page. Ladies and gentlemen, That was . He began racing in 1984 competing in his brief career in unblown fuel jet, pro gas jet, and blown fuel jet. He was traveling 208 MPH when the boat suddenly lifted off the water and flipped. September 2, 2018. Term Definition; . He was from El Segundo, California, and was the son of Antone and Otha Lee Bruns of Los Angeles. Wright's speed was clocked at 213 miles per hour, officials said. "Miscellany," Chicago Tribune, July 8, 1986, Texas Death Index (William Hartman, Jr., died July 6, 1986 in McLennan Co.), Buried: Montecito Memorial Park, Colton, California, Location: Irvine Lake, Orange, California. On Sunday morning elimination racing begins with each round more intense than the next until each class has a winner. On Sunday morning elimination racing begins with each round more intense than the next until each class has a winner. 2022 SDBA Series points are now updated thru the Paris race, event pictures are available on the website sdbaracing.com, and pre-registration is open for Race #6 THE FINALS at San Angelo, TX, which promise some nail biting finishes in the race for the season championship. Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series in conjunction with member associations consisting of, SDBA (Southern Drag Boat Association), ADBA (Arizona Drag Boat Association), CDBA (Columbia Drag Boat Association), and KDBA (Kentucky Drag Boat Association) all running under a single rule book unite race teams across the country. 2022 HomeStreet Bank Bayfair. [2] The premier category of drag boat racing being the Top Fuel Hydroplane class which is the water based equivalent to Top Fuel Dragsters capable of covering the liquid quarter mile in less than three seconds with a top speed of around 270mph (400km/h). A drag boat is a high-speed motorized vessel that is used for water sport racing. This now united sport allows more than 900 teams to run for one national championship, each national event spotlights several pro classes highlighted by the Top Fuel Hydro class. In August 1999, Kyle Walker of Conroe, by then a well-known drag boat champion with more than a dozen world records behind him, was making a high-speed run on a lake near Tulsa, Okla . He was one of the founders of the National Drag Boat Association and was then serving as vice president. Brendan Murry - San Jose, CA - (408) 266-3324. In Berkeley, CA , in 1958, Jack set a record at the speed of 118 mph. Drag Racing Boat Set 272.9 MPH Record Elizabeth Puckett 1/16/2023. Owned by Carroll-Haas Racing and driven by Kebin Kinsley. Witnesses thought he should have shut it off earlier in the run when it started showing early signs of getting into trouble. 1976 Hondo GT Runner Bottom. Drag Boat Racer Capaldi Dies in Crash at Puddingstone Lake By LARRY STEWART April 11, 1994 12 AM PT Drag boat racer Tim Capaldi, 31, of West Hills was killed Sunday when his boat crashed. Social SDBA TIME SLIPS APP DOWNLOAD SDBA TIMESLIPS APP At Launch, drivers of a Top Fuel dragster can be subjected to nearly 5 Gs of gravity. '&utmxhash='+escape(h.substr(1)):'')+'" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">')})(); "Boat death," Melbourne Age, Sep. 27, 1988, Gary L. James, e-mail communication to site administrator, Feb. 9, 2011, Gary James, e-mail communication to site administrator, Sep. 3, 2011, Buried: Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Oregon, Location: Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon, Event: First Annual Tenmile Lake Regatta. Biographical: He was trying to break the world water speed record of 317.6 MPH set by Ken Warby in 1978. MULTIMEDIA. Information about each racer (when known) includes birth/death dates, date/place of accident, age, information about accident, biographical information, burial place, etc. On top of that, the body is perfectly designed to glide through the air just on top of the water in making acceleration extremely smooth. Comes with -10 inlet & -8 outlet fittings. Biographical: He overshot the finish line at a speed estimated at over 200 MPH and crashed into the artificial lake's steep dirt bank. ago It's actually one of the deadliest records to break, along with the land speed record which kills quite often as well. "Water speed record set," Lethbridge Herald, July 3, 1967, "Bellflower man plans attempt to regain world water speed record in rocket boat," Los Angeles Times, March 13, 1980, "Boat driver is lost in crash on Tahoe," Los Angeles Times, November 14, 1980, "Body missing," Monessen Valley Independent, November 18, 1980, "Taylor search continues," Gettysburg Times, November 14, 1980, "Boat driver's body found," Gettysburg Times, November 19, 1980, "Taylor's body is found," Los Angeles Times, November 19, 1980, "Body of boat racer still in Lake Tahoe," Hartford Courant, November 22, 1980, "Boat still not recovered," Gettysburg Times, November 22, 1980, "Speedboating," Daily Sitka Sentinel, November 26, 1980, "10-year dream ends with Taylor death," New York Times, November 23, 1980, "Lee Taylor: Pressure in prime time," Los Angeles Times, November 21, 1980, Social Security Death Index (Lee Taylor, born June 20, 1934, died Nov. 1980, SS# issued in Calif.), Steve Garcia, e-mail communication to site administrator, Aug. 6, 2013, http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/boat-design/lee-taylor-rocket-boat-15461.html (accessed 3/21/11), Arthur Benjamins, e-mail communication to site administrator, Mar. Corvette. These classes reflect their counterparts of the '60s and '70s with home built cars and are full of drivers whose sole purpose is to have fun. SDBA has been around the racing community since 1974, and is one of the oldest drag boat racing organizations. I love drag boat racing and I have been around it for most of my life. He was thrown from the craft and suffered massive head injuries. ago There are numerous categories of professional and sportsmen classes based on various engine configuration, fuel type, hull design and propulsion types. 2023 Marble Falls Lakefest . Cart 0. NEXT RACE. Biographical: During time trials, his boat flipped and crashed. The 2022 Drag Boat Nationals sanctioned by the Southern Drag Boat Association on November 4-6, 2022. The current quarter-mile record for a Top Fuel dragster is 3.623 seconds. Be careful, the more parts in your system, the more likely it is to break. The Fastest Show on Water! GO TO THE, 1000 ft course indexes have been posted on the, The site is still a work in progress, if your team has a website you would like to have listed on the Links page or photos for the. As the throttle opens, a violent ripping of power shoots through the mechanical parts of the water vehicle blasting the boat from a standstill its a 272.9 mph in the matter of just 3.4 seconds. Drag Racing Boat Set 272.9 MPH Record Jan 16, 2023 1 min read Elizabeth Puckett In just three seconds, this boat broke a world record. Record Date Location Driver Owner Boat (Hull) Engine Speed; APBA: 1/4 mile - Straightaway: Apr 2, 2022: Oroville, CA: Jonathan Nilsen: Steve Greaves . Traditionally, a drag strip is 1,320 feet, which equals a quarter-mile . Over the years, he has photographed several major auto racing events, sports, news journalism, portraiture, and everything in between. Willis reset the D/AB Competition Bike 660ft MPH record to 125.28mph, while Barlow reset both ends of the Modified record to 4.345 and 161.01mph a. d.write(' 0) ? Dragboats.com can put together some amazing Hero Cards to hand out to fans at the races. 19, 2021 at 8:47 AM PDT. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. Ebert family doubles the fun while Robbins sets Top Fuel Hydro record at Diamond Drag Boat Nationals . Discovery II" rocket-engined 40-foot steel and aluminum craft. All rights reserved. Photograph of the racer, boat, grave marker, and a link to video clips are included if available. Weve got your covered, check out our listings for utmx_section("Personal Footer"), Drag Boat and Water Speed Record Racer Memorial. 1520 Minnesota Ave. There will be a $250 donation asked from every driver to help cover all costs, which includes the use of the indoor pool and equipment for the course. 1/4 Mile Records Class Name Record Sponsors/Car Facility Date In addition to the professional show, which consists of Top Fuel Hydro, Top Alcohol Hydro, Top Alcohol Flat and Pro Modified, we highlight four Sportsman classes ranging from 8.00 to 11.00 second and three Bracket (dial-in) classes in the quarter mile. Biographical: He lost his prop in the lights turning 217 MPH and crashed in the shutdown area. He was vice-president of the Southern Drag Boat Association. 4.1 8. The SDBA is the Fastest Show on Water!! 230 Avenue J, Marble Falls, Texas 78654, United States. His body was removed to a private pier where it was examined by the Douglas County coroner before being removed for an autopsy. Although disappointing, it wasn't too much of a surprise to me. The basics of drag boat racing are very similar to those of land drag racing, when the light turns green, a boat can pass the start line. He was from Auburn, California, and was survived by his wife, Lyn. He had been racing boats for eight years and was from Richmond, Virginia. "Driver killed in drag boat accident at Castaic," Los Angeles Times, September 21, 1986, http://dragboatracing.com/Community/Forums/tabid/54/aft/39156/Default.aspx (accessed 7/26/10). Races run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, with Sunday races going from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. From opening day through the 1960s, the dragstrip hosted every big name in the sport of drag racing. It was a freak accident as he had made a good run and was slowing down when the boat caught air and came right up out of the water. "Freak accident kills drag-boat driver," Bryan Times, September 9, 1985, "Miscellaneous," Milwaukee Journal, Sep. 9, 1985, Social Security Death Index (Gerald Spencer, born May 17, 1947, died Sep. 1985, SS# issued in Michigan in 1964), Buried: Happy Homestead Cemetery, South Lake Tahoe, California, Boat: $2.5 million dollar "U.S. Let's face it, racing of any kind is going to cost 98% of the competitors money, only that small top percentage can make a living at it. His father was Walt Arfons and his uncle was Art Arfons, both land speed record holders from the 1960s. "Accident brings halt to drag boat racing for now," Modesto Bee, June 27, 1986, "Boat racer killed in mishap," Boca Raton News, June 24, 1986, "Speedboat death," Miami Herald, June 24, 1986, "Newswire," Los Angeles Times, June 24, 1986, California Death Index (David Russell Nolte, born February 9, 1948 in Calif., died June 22, 1986 in Fresno, mothers maiden name was Sciutto), http://www.nitrogeezers.com/Farndon%20Story_4.htm (accessed 8/5/10), Buried: Floral Haven Memorial Gardens, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Location: Creve Coeur Lake, Maryland Heights, Missouri, Event: World Championship Series of Dragboat Racing 4th Annual Coors Creve Coeur Classic, Boat: "Ofixco Special" blown alcohol flat-bottom. Hydroplane drag boats can reach speeds of up to 270 mph, while flat bottom and Jet drag boats can reach speeds of 50 mph. We create all original artwork, and print on heavy-duty glossy cardstock. sale. 1970 Sanger Ski & Drag Boat. He was from Ashland, Virginia, and was the world record holder for propeller-driven blown fuel hydroplane boats. 1996 Cheyenne. How else can you describe a form of racing in which nitro methane Top Fuel machines vaporize the liquid mile in just 4.7 seconds at over 250 mph? Drag boat racing seemed on the verge of self destruction. record with a 5.16-second run, which was lower than the land drag racing record of 5.39 seconds. Don't miss the fastest show on water! Future Car. 20, 2011, http://www.vonicon.com/bluebirdpublications/show.php?sh=gallery&page=2&perpage=10&rcat=all, By kind permission from Arthur Benjamins (copyright), Buried: Oak Park Cemetery, Claremont, California, Location: Puddingstone Lake, San Dimas, California, Event: International Hot Boat Association Summer Nationals. --The sport was still. There's still big drag racing for the average guy. HOME. There will not be capsule dunks at the race track, and the only training will be at these classes. For David Willis and Simon Barlow, the weekend's Twilight Nationals was a record-breaker, and for Barlow, it was also the maker of a championship tilt. Lake Bryan to host drag boat racing this weekend. This particular aquatic vehicle certainly doesnt skimp on any of those traits as its massive engine cranks out 10,000 hp. That is nautical drag racing. Contact us if you can help with information. Those 80/90's years of drag boat racing in so cal. He was from Aloha, Oregon. Dragboats, raceboats, and flat bottom boats, and boat parts for sale! The accident. "Memorial service set for boat racer," Los Angeles Times, April 30, 1980, California Birth Index (Jeffrey Antone Bruns, born October 29, 1955 in L.A. Co., mothers maiden name was Keyes), Social Security Death Index (Jeffrey Bruns, born Oct. 29, 1955, died Apr. He was transported to High Point Memorial Hospital. Next, complete checkout for full access to Motorious. Boat-racing tours including Formula One tunnel boats, Grand Prix West, P1 USA, Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association and various semi-professional classes have competed at Bayfair. We can even draw custom decals of YOUR boat! Top-fuel drag boats . Don Garlits, Don Prudhomme, Tommy . He was from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Blue-water or open-ocean powerboat racing began in South Florida in the early 1950s with the legendary, there-and-back-again, races to Bimini and other islands in the Bahamas. He was traveling about 370 MPH and let the afterburner run a few seconds longer than he initially had planned. He had held the world water speed record from 1967 to 1977, set with his "Hustler" jet boat at 285.22 MPH. San Jose California 95125 A Top Fuel dragster's primary braking method is parachutes; 3.2 6. ChopPop raced E-Boats, Crackerboxes ("No Results") and SK class ("The Exciter") boats at Marine Stadium for years. In some cases, we know their names, but we need at least a year to add them. Anyone interested in meeting the some of greatest names in Boat Racing, be sure to visit the . Andrew has been involved in motorsports from a very young age. Then click on the year span in the directory where his entry will be found. Hill set the lowest wet elapsed time (e.t.) The boat has been quicker yet, however, having recorded a 3.36 last season and a speed of over . I would just like to say thank you to Lucas Oil for their involvement for the last 20 years with IHBA and running their own series. The American Power Boat Association was formed in 1903 and was the "900 lb gorilla" of power boat racing. "It's kind . Website: San Diego Bayfair. All rights reserved. I have quite a few pictures that I have no boat names for, and I am working on a way to choose by boat number as well. (function(){var k='0521688706',d=document,l=d.location,c=d.cookie;function f(n){if(c){var i=c.indexOf(n+'=');if(i>-1){var j=c.indexOf(';',i);return escape(c.substring(i+n.length+1,j<0?c.length:j))}}}var x=f('__utmx'),xx=f('__utmxx'),h=l.hash; He tried to leap clear, but his parachute opened and he was thrown back into the path of the speeding boat. from the starting line to those intervals. More . It resulted in a moratorium being declared on drag boat racing nationwide while the insurer for the sport conducted an investigation into all aspects of the sport. World Records. The craft lifted off the lake surface and the boat started to tumble out of control, disintegrating as it impacted. He was an aircraft mechanic for American Airlines at Dallas Fort Worth Airport for 23 years. While at Lake Havasu, these dragsters take their boats and race on the water! Drag racing terms. Mid . He was from Downey, California, and was survived by his wife, Billie, daughter, Sharon, and son, Jeff. 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Margaret Meier, e-mail communication to site administrator, Mar. With that in mind, God only knows what kind of performance someones going to need to be at that time. Owning a drag racing boat is expensive. --Six drivers, including national champion Billy Todd, were killed in high speed accidents in a single season. He was from Westminster, California. Twenty seconds after the accident a rescue boat reached him and they began administering CPR. Some of the best times . His hydro became airborne just past the finish line and crashed. Pin Up Girls. "Racing deaths called fate," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 23, 2009, "Vance waits for a win in drag boat classic," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 11, 1983, "Speedboat racer hurt on Creve Coeur," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 12, 1983, "Boat racer killed here when craft turns over at 151 MPH," St. Louis Post Dispatch, July 10, 1983, U.S. Public Records Index (Thurman Riggs, born Aug. 1, 1942, resides in Tulsa, OK, 807 N. 29th West Ave.), Buried: Cremains scattered in Lake Grapevine, Texas, Location: Toledo Bend Reservoir, Logansport, Louisiana, Boat: "Snap, Crackle, Pop" blown fuel jet class. "The following of the races is a bit cult-like," Hardman said. It may provide a minor income for someone who loves this sport, but it is never going to be the money maker that other motorsports are. With a super-powerful 8000 HP engine Eddie Knox's Problem Child is the fastest drag boat in the world. In 1954). Pavlick Race Boats (Pavlick) Yamato: 63.492: APBA: 3 mile/3 laps - Closed-Course: Aug 26, 2017: Dayton, OH: Terry Kerr: Tom Johnston (coming soon) coming . Will get some pics. As the throttle opens, a violent ripping of power shoots through the mechanical parts of the water vehicle blasting the boat from a standstill its a 272.9 mph in the matter of just 3.4 seconds. Biographical: He was from Escondido, California. Check out photos from these great drivers: Don't see your favorite driver? '.webs.com' : 'none'; --> Biographical: He was injured in a crash and died in an Illinois hospital. The last two people to make official attempts at the overall record of 275.97 knots (511.10 km/h; 317.58 mph) were killed doing so.